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H-Prog does believe that Quality should always come first. We do care about delivering a high quality solution. To achieve this target while keeping delivery time and price reasonable, we developed our own design model that all our systems applies it. Such model provides the following features:

  • Systems can support multiple database engines e.g. MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL …etc. without any changes to code, only some dlls are added. If we have the chance to develop you a system, your system will be able to support any number of databases you want, this can be either determined when starting the developing or later as a second phase.
  • Solution can be converted from Desktop based to Web-based without single change to business and data tier; this is very suitable for clients who wish to move from desktop to web after already developing a desktop version.
  • Model support developing a very flexible GUI interface without applying complex handling that is error-prone and can affect system reliability.
  • Application built using our model is very flexible as the model allows merciless changes without affecting system stability. As a three tier model, it allows different deployments of systems which improves scalability.
«H-Prog Real Estate enabled me to be exposed to Internet clients in an easy, managable way...It is exactly what I need for my company website.»

Mr. Yasser Mohamed Farghaly Owner and Chairman

«H-Prog Real Estate application was very flexible and H-Prog team could customized it to fit my needs.»

Mr. Hisham Ismael Owner and Chairman

Thank you for visiting H-PROG site. Our mission is to enable our clients to become more competitive through innovations in the field of information technology.

In H-Prog we focus on delivering solution with high quality, as we believe that quality is what really matters when it comes to software solutions..